Sunday, June 27

Tiptoe Through the Tuilps

What a beautiful day for a Farmer's Market!  This afternoon K, M and I all set out to discover the local Sunday Market and spent some time roving in the summer air gawking at strange pets (some kind of rabbit/kangaroo/cat thing on a leash really caught us off guard), beautiful bouquets of flowers and vegetables the size of rabbit/kangaroo/cat things.  Unfortunately, a faulty re-set on the pedometer erased our walking progress, but we still had a great time enjoying being outside on such a lovely summer day.

This evening, once dinner had settled and the heat moved started being pushed out by a nice breeze, we all reconvened at the track for 2.5 miles of (mostly) uninterrupted walking.  This was a nice addition to the leisurely stroll around the Farmers Market, and was an encouraging test of our endurance.  It's nice to be able to move around more than once in a day!

While making it around our 6th, 7th or 8th lap, K and I discussed our weight/size goals and made a pact to have a celebration dinner at the end of summer in honor of meeting them since we are both going to hold one another accountable for continuing our progress on and off the track  I must admit that it is great to have people to plot and scheme against fat with!!  Finding other people who are working towards their own smaller bottoms has been essential for me to sticking with it this time.

I'm halfway through my 5th week of consistent exercise (and probably 2 years into my quest for healthy eating) and am proud to say that this is the longest I've stuck with any workout routine in years.  Today I actually was able to wear an outfit that I took with me on my honeymoon, which hasn't fit since; and although it was still a little tight in places I was able to get it on and off without using any special contortionist moves or magical incantations.  I was even able to wear it to church and not get kicked out for indecency or unladylike exposure, and was comfortable the whole time with no pinching or bunching up of the skirt or top.  Very exciting, I tell you.

And now, the sun is setting on this mostly-perfect day and I am off to crawl into my most comfortable pajamas and eat a low-calorie all fruit Popsicle.  How was your day?


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