Tuesday, June 8

In The Back Yard... Again

I've always dreamed of having a brown pressure-treated fence.  Those white picket things are far too "Stepford" for me.  And now, after nearly 5 hours of toiling away in the back yard, I have one!  Husband built it this morning while I played Tarzan and yanked out the last mass of weeds and M turned soil and planted flowers.  The fence has been a desperate necessity as it is designed for the rabid Honeysuckle bush to hold on to instead of destroying everything else around it.

This Honeysuckle bush is a very "Denise-Friendly" plant.  It thrives in spite of all I do to it; watering incessantly, neglecting it until the yard becomes a barren wasteland, over-fertilizing it, attacking it with hedge trimmers, etc.  Unfortunately, it doesn't just thrive, it goes "mutant plant"every summer and gets into a life-sized game of Risk with the blackberry bushes.  In an attempt to tame the beast, we have built it a series of stands, cages and climbing contraptions for it to adhere to and it has promptly grappled with and then broken all of them.  This year's solution was to build a fence anchored by cement blocks and covered in chicken wire for it to climb up and across in hopes that the structure will distract it from the delicious looking tomato plants being planted within arm's reach.

The fence is beautiful, and I am again in awe of my husband's building prowess.  We've got all the beds cleared and spent some time digging out the arbor that will cover the entryway (it's enchanted) to a yet-to-be-built private patio with a fire pit.  It's all coming together now, and the three of us certainly got our combined workouts done for the day.

Now we're all sweaty, tired and enjoying lemonade.  The perfect end to a perfect morning in the sun.

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  1. oooooooooooh, can't wait to see it ;)