Sunday, June 6

Clean Till You Scream!

I'm not sure how it got so late, but at 11pm I finally had time to sit down and blog about my day of housecleaning and exercise.  I spent the bulk of my day carrying boxes up and down a couple flight of stairs while prepping a family member's house for renovation.  I discovered that stair climbing is an exercise that I certainly should have in my ongoing workout schedule because by the end of the day I was sweaty, sore, and my butt-cheeks felt like spheres of molten muscle.

Thankfully, at the days end we sat down for a (mostly) healthy bar-b-que to celebrate family and the progress made emptying rooms and starting on home repairs.  It was a ton of fun to see all the family and spend the day working and joking together.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again next weekend for a day of paintball. That will be just as much workout, but even more fun!

And now that the night has become quiet and the rest of the house is asleep, I am going to turn in for the night.  Until tomorrow!!

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