Monday, June 7

A Quick Break

Although today was my "no workout" day, I got a lot of physical stuff done!  Today ended up being a day of shopping at the conjoined twins of Lowe's and Home Depot, hauling cement bricks from the shelves to the cart and walking from one end of the box-stores to the other in the hunt for various home-project necessities.

Prior to working out on the regular, a day of shopping would have worn me out and made my body ache. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to pick up heavy objects and load them on the cart myself without having to ask for help. I also didn't have to take breaks to rest my achy feet/back/knees at all, and at the end of the adventure still had energy to spare.

I've also noticed that my clothes are starting to fit much better than they did when this blog began, and that is more encouraging than anything else!  I'm beginning to enjoy being "me" again, and reconnecting with the comfort my wardrobe once offered.  God bless the exercisers, for they shall inherit new pants!

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