Monday, June 21

Track Attack

Tacked onto yesterday's work-out schedule was an additional afternoon of painting primer in a family members' living room.  I give credit to the morning's yoga routine for escaping too many aches, pains or stiffness this morning from the endeavor and aside from a sore shoulder survived the endeavor unscathed.

Although Mondays are typically a day for rest and relaxation, today has been an exceptionally busy day of trying to catch up on all the chores and errands that were neglected over the last three days of Yard Sale and Father's Day celebration.

In the midst of a brief window of time between projects where there was about 90 minutes of unscheduled chaos, M and I headed out to the track and spent an hour walking 2.5 miles in the mid-day mugginess.  The exercise gave us both the afternoon boost we needed, and now that I'm back to the tasks at hand I feel much less groggy and lethargic than I did a couple hours ago.  It's amazing how exercising can make you feel as rested, yet more alert, than an afternoon nap!

In an effort to entertain ourselves as we made yet another left turn, we played around with swinging our arms while we walked.  The wider we swung them the longer our strides got, and by swinging in short several-inch bursts we took many quick little steps.  The result ended up being pretty comical (the track "regulars" kept staring at us in horror as we swung far and wide, almost hitting one another) and made at least a couple of the laps fly by before we knew it.

M has decided that walking the track is her favorite type of exercise, and I will agree I like the opportunity to be outside and moving without having to think about where I'm stepping.  I keep trying to convince her to give Yoga one more try, but she turns up her nose (while doing as little stretching of the neck as possible) at the idea.  We're scheduled to meet K at the track again tomorrow, but maybe later this week I'll be able to convince her to do Sun Salutation with me.

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