Tuesday, June 22

Trimming and Trouncing

Do you ever feel like you're trapped in an global workout with no emergency exits?  I sure do.

This morning M and I put our gardening gloves back on and headed out to weed and trim the planter beds and bushes that we've been working on the last couple of weeks.  I'm determined to not lose the progress we've made this year the way that I have every year since the dawn of home-ownership.  M took to control of the "Stomp and Kill" weed remover, I wielded "Betty the Bushwhacking Hedge-Trimmer From Hell", and we went all kinds of mafia hit-woman on the rogue dandelions and somehow already creeping up on us blackberry bushes from across the fence.  

The mid-day was spent doing random chores, and then this evening we met up with K for a couple of miles around the track.  K discovered the wonderful trick of using the numbered lanes to keep track of how many tracks we'd walked... start on lane one on your first lap and work to lane eight for the last... BRILLIANT!  If you walk the track and have a hard time keeping score while being lost in conversation or thought I highly recommend using this phenomenal technique before K patents it and starts selling it as a part of her DVD home-workout series.

Now I'm home, thoroughly worked out and looking a little droopy.  It has been a great sweaty day, and I'm looking forward to moving more muscles tomorrow.


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