Tuesday, July 27

We're Making Another Left Turn!

Hello out there!  I've been off for the last three days or so for some time with my family and a bit of recovery from too much sun.  I'm sure all of you know this already - but when you're out in the warm weather (and particularly when you're working up a sweat) hard lemonade is not a substitute for water... no matter how much we'd like it to be.

Now that I'm back in good form and headache free, I met up with M and K for another few rounds of track-walking.  We busted out 2.25 miles this evening while we caught up on the highs and lows and in-betweens of life that has occurred since our last walk.  K showed us all up with actual exercise clothes on, and made me secretly vow that next time I'll be better prepared too.  Truth be told, if I would have taken the time to put on some sweatpants, a sports bra and a loose t-shirt I probably would have been a thousand times more comfortable than my jeans, push-up bra and fitted shirt, even if I did look fabulous.

K also proposed we start working out on the regular with Exercise TV's 10 Pound Slim-Down Workout Plan.  If you scroll down the page, there is a workout calendar about 3/4 of the way down that you can print for free, and follow the exercises along with videos On Demand or through online downloads.  Her proposal, and smart looking athletic attire, made it impossible for me to say no - so I'll be blogging about it a lot over the next 30 days.

M, K and I agreed we should also keep up with the walking since we are planning on doing some 10K's later this fall, and hopefully the extra exercises will get us all over the weight "hump" that we're on now.  Progress is being seen, however slight, and I know that as long as we all keep our momentum we will be trim in no time.

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