Thursday, July 22

Duplication Be Damned; Producti-wha?

I am going to do my best to not just completely copy yesterdays posting.  I have been astonished, astounded, amazed, some other 'A' word that means "surprised", that I have suddenly become able to conquer all.

This morning M and I had vowed to work in the garden after neglecting it for three weeks of holidays, birthdays and family crisis.  We got out all of our tools and gloves (M was itching to break in her new ultra-grippy gloves with Nitrile palms and fingers) and headed out back to weed between the vegetables.

Three and a half hours later.... yes... 210 minutes later... we finally wrapped up.  In that time we were able to not only weed the entire back yard, but also turn the mulch in the compost bin and dig out the good decomposed stuff.  We spread mulch around the plants, shoved all the weeds / vines / thorns into the yard debris bin and laid a plastic barricade where the eventual fire pit / brick patio is going to go.  We scooped all of Pooch's poo while he looked on stoically, and even remembered to water things while we were out there.

It is incredible to me that after weeks of only being able to work for an hour or two at a time, today we were able to push through so many projects with minimal breaks.  I've always considered myself a pretty active person (when I was able to talk my butt into getting off the couch) but the last couple of days of being able to keep active through the majority of the day has really shown me what "active" can be.

I've spent so many years struggling to fit 30 minutes of activity into my day that I had forgotten how awesome it is to spend an entire day outdoors, working with your hands and making your own little habitat a little better.  I feel encouraged with this whole exercise business... who knows... maybe I'll find myself a new career in botany.

On second thought... all the plants would probably die and we'd all starve.  Maybe I'll just stick to writing and keep gardening as a hobby.

Harlequin Variegated Honeysuckle Vine - Lonicera

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