Friday, July 23

They Call Me... The Rose Whisperer

Today I decided to take it light (at least I thought I was taking it light in the beginning) because it is my birthday.  I debated neglecting to mention that it was my birthday - but knowing my reader base, someone would have mentioned it anyway I'm sure. ;)

This morning I decided rather than undertaking a huge exercise endeavor, I would simply trim back the neighbor's rose-bush for her.  When we moved in several years ago, the neighbor had a very large rose bush on the property line between our houses.  Over time the bush has grown progressively larger, wider, thornier and deader.  As of this morning, it was roughly 10 feet tall, 12 feet wide and 8 feet deep.  With the permission of the neighbor I headed out with a hack saw, a pair of gloves and a set of clippers.

Very quickly it became obvious that my little "light" project was a labor intensive and difficult undertaking.  Close to two hours passed before I was done clipping, sawing and breaking throngs of dead, dying and overgrown bush.  Deep down in the center of the bush were four green branches, but it took a lot of sweat and blood to get to them.

Unfortunately, when I had hacked the bush to bits, I suddenly realized that the pile of dead branches was much larger than my already mostly full yard debris bin could handle.  So now, the neighbor's bush looks fantastic, and there is a huge pile of horrible looking dead rosebush hanging out in my front yard awaiting it's turn for disposal.

At least I got my workout, even if my yard looks like it got eaten by a rose bush.

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