Wednesday, July 21

The More Active I Get, The More Active I Am

Well today ended up being a flurry of several day's worth of activities all rolled into one.

This morning, M and I did a 2 mile walk to the library and back to get our read on.  We've only done this walk one other time, and it was great to stretch our legs and wander through the neighborhoods for friendly conversation with gardeners and librarians alike.  We were sure that we were only going to drop off the couple of books that we had and only check out a couple more to replace them - but we should have known better.  Each of us carried an armload of books and DVDs on the mile trek back home, and by the time we were done our arms ACHED.

Then came an afternoon of housework.  As I have mentioned before (and will probably mention again), housework is a unique set of exercises that give you instant results.  Not of your waistline, of course, but of your surroundings.  Scrubbing down counters, putting away keepsakes in hard to reach places, changing the sheets on the beds and scrubbing the toilet all provide their own little twinges and twangs on the muscular harpsichord.  Luckily, I didn't peter out before the house looked like it was ready to be photographed for the internal pages of a fancy magazine.

Finally, this evening I met with K for another 2 mile walk around the track.  After about a mile and a half of this leg on my fitness journey I started feeling the effects on my poor feet.  The left one hissed and moaned with every step, and the right one just plain gave up.  Somehow I was able to convince them to push on and wrap up the walk before heading home for business meetings and dinner.

As for body changes, things are still moving and shifting with the sands of time.  On Monday, while out shopping, Mr. Kawaii grabbed me by the wrist to show me something and suddenly became distracted when he realized my wrist-bone had re-emerged from its exile to fat-land.

It has also occurred to me that my second chin has been making fewer and fewer appearances.  Now I have to be making some pretty pronounced expressions in rather awkward positions for it to come into view.  I can't tell you how nice it is to be able to smile at someone and not be concerned that they may be distracted by the bulge that has at times resembled that of a bullfrog's throat.

Even though the changes have been slow in coming for me, they are coming in their own time and place.  I may not be winning any "who can get in shape faster" contests, but I am at least becoming somewhat successful into coaxing the bulge into taking a more streamlined shape and stature.

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