Monday, July 12

I Like My Bush Trimmed

I can't tell if M and I are just getting used to the summer weather, or if there really is that big of a difference between 80 degrees and 90 degrees.  Either way, we headed back outdoors for some garden therapy and took out our aggressions on the evergreen bushes along the front and side of the house.

Sadly, there was a death in the family this morning which followed a couple of weeks of a battle with Cancer and I was in sore need of some whacking and hacking.  We put on some protective eye-wear, pulled on some gloves and spent the better part of an hour chopping up branches and attacking Mother Nature with the force of electric hedge-trimmers.

In doing so, I sweated out some of my grief (although not nearly all of it) and M and I uncovered a section of sidewalk that had all but disappeared since the last time the hedges were trimmed.  M also weeded the main flower bed, and we both spent some cool-down time sweeping and raking the resulting mess into the yard debris bin for later curbside collection.

It is a sad day, but I hope that my family will forgive my absence while I do some internal straightening-out.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.


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