Saturday, July 17

Wii Would Like to Fight!

I didn't get a chance to update the blog yesterday, but here's a recap of all the physical activity that went on.  There was lots of up-and-down stair climbing with arm-loads of bags and boxes, pushing and pulling of utility trailers (by hand because I can!) and the moving of furniture while a rug was being laid down/rearranged/re-rolled/re laid down/re-adjusted.  It was a long and exhausting day filled with grief, hard work and lots of love.

Now on to today:

Internally, I've had a bit of frustration building over the last few weeks and this morning I woke up with one of those, "get out of my way our I will feed you your own fingers and toes one at a time," kind of attitudes.  Not really angry at anyone in particular, just deeply embedded in the murk and mire of hormones, long days, short nights and a lack of stress-outlets.

I decided to turn my internal angst into a beneficial workout and turned on the Wii.  I warmed up with some tennis, solidly whomping the artificially-intelligent competition three times.  Then I got down to it and selected boxing.  Mr. Kawaii's eyes grew wide and he turned the volume up on his video game when I started verbally attacking my opponents in addition to punching them in the virtual face... but after about twenty minutes of screaming and thrashing (luckily without damaging the Wii-motes or the TV) I was finally so tired and sweaty that I was ready to move onto something else.

The Wii Fit training exercises made for a great cool down, and now that I'm sufficiently exercised I think I'm ready to face the days challenges without smacking anyone upside the face for real.  Although generally I am probably classified as a passivist, some days there's just nothing like knocking someone's lights out - even if it's not real.

Wii Boxing Gloves

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