Thursday, July 15

Working So Hard, I Almost Forgot!

Typically, I try to complete this blog while the sweat is still dripping and the stink still surrounds me.  No, I don't have a bad-smell fetish.  I just know that if I don't get the blog done right away, I'll get side-tracked by other projects and forget to do it!  Today is a case-in point; M, K and I all wrapped up our walk hours ago and I didn't remember until I was pajama-clad that I didn't get a chance to blog about it!  For shame.

This evening we all put off the walk until the sun sank low in the sky to avoid the heat and humidity that popped back up this afternoon.  The result was a perfect evening for a stroll, and we took advantage with 2 miles of walking and talking.  Solving the world's problems one step at a time, we managed to get our workouts done with enough energy left over for me to come home and get so involved in my work (I've been working on a handful of new articles in addition to doing graphic design in my "spare time") that I forgot to finish the written portion of the calorie burn.

Tomorrow may be more of the same, Mr. Kawaii and I are headed to help move some furniture and hopefully do some substantial lifting for a great workout without pains, strains or pulls!

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