Friday, August 6

The Boys are Back in Town (Baaaa-ba-buuu....BUUUUUUUMMM)

We are a third of the way through the 30 day 10 Pound Slimdown challenge!!  WOOOHOOO!

Making it through 10 days of the program is a big deal for me.  Although with work and relationships I am dedicated to a fault, with exercise it is really hard for me to stick with a program.  Even one I make up myself.  Even though I know there's another 20 days to go, I think it's about time to give myself a pat on the back for finishing the first leg of the fitness marathon.

(Patting yourself on the back while you type is really difficult.  Don't believe me? Try it!)

Tonight M and I went back through the male trainers on and decided to give John Spencer Ellis one more go with his 20 Minute Upper Body Workout/Real Housewives 2.  Although it can't be denied that John's smile makes every workout just a little bit sweeter, I think after this upper body workout we are going to shelf him for a little while and try on someone new.  Don't get me wrong, this workout is just as good as his lower body workout that we did yesterday.  But John hurt me real deep when he made my arms turn to Jello and my back feel like it had been turned into lead.  I know that none of the other Exercise TV trainers are going to be any easier on me, but I want to remember the good times with John and the weariness of my shoulders is making those memories foggy at best.

Still vowing to stick with the men, for the second half of our workout (today was a two-fer) we turned to Kendell Hogan and his 22 minute Cardio Challenge for an active workout that would work out our cores without us realizing it.  I love Kendall's workouts because of the dance element.  I really dig the upbeat exercises and highly aerobic moves, and it's fantastic that by the end of the workout I feel like I've learned how to dance just a little bit.  I did discover however that attempting Kendell's dance-inspired workout after already completing a 20 minute sweat-fest is more challenging than using a crocodile as a backpack.

Somehow, and I'm not sure how I did it, I made it to the end of both workouts.  Once we had caught our breath and stretched for a few minutes M said she didn't know if she was going to make it, and that for some reason the workouts seemed way longer than all the other 20 minute workouts we've done.  I agree with her on that point, and I keep staring longingly at the workout calender wishing that it would say "Day Off" on tomorrow's date instead of "Total Body Blast".

All in all though, I'm stoked to have made it this far and I can feel the exercises reshaping my body day by day.  My arms continue to be more defined every time I look in the mirror, the butt of my pants keep getting a little bit looser and my lower abs are still screaming at me from Day 4's core workout.  The results are stacking up and pretty soon they are going to add up to big changes.  Yay!

Crunch Fat Blaster: The Next Step [VHS]

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