Friday, August 27

The End of the 30 Day Challenge

Today marks the end of the 10 Pound Slimdown Challenge!  M and I decided that for our last day we would really push to give it our all and so for our Total Body and Core workouts we mixed it up with two exercises that we hadn't done before.

For the Total Body portion, we chose a 30 minute workout called Cardio Groove n' Burn with Jennifer Galardi (who if you click on her name you will discover has had a HORRIBLE photoshop job done... I promise in the workout she does have a back).  We figured after 30 days of working out we could handle a 30 minute workout just fine... and we did!  The dance routine that Jennifer teaches is really difficult to follow at first, but by the end of the workout both M and I were able to do it... sort of.  I'm sure if I did this workout again I would look less like a dork than I did today!

For abs, we turned to Elise Gulon in Straight to the Core.  Now, Elise's workout was only 10 minutes, but it was one of the most difficult ab exercises I've ever done!  Within a few minutes of starting the workout, I was having a hard time keeping up and it took all the strength I could muster to finish the full 10 minutes.  I'll be bookmarking that one to return to again - I want to be able to effortlessly move through the positions the way Elise does.  She really shows you what having a core is all about.

So... drumroll... here are the results of the 10 Pound Slimdown challenge:

I didn't lose 10 pounds.  I will tentatively say that I've lost 2 pounds, although with me you never know if it's really 2 pounds of weight loss or if I just happen to be having a "skinny" day.  For the sake of the experiment, we'll call it weight loss though because it makes me feel better!

M also didn't lose 10 pounds, but she did lose 6!

Although we didn't drop the 10 pounds we were hoping for, the variety of workouts that we've done over the last 30 days have most certainly made us more fit.  Both of us are noticing that are clothes are becoming more loose and our limbs are more toned.  I do not doubt that as we continue to work to get fit that the pounds will start to drop eventually.  In the meantime, the 10 Pound Slimdown calendar kept us focused and helped to keep us from skipping exercises and introduced us both to exercises we had never tried before.

In the end, I call it a success!!

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