Friday, August 27

Uh oh... out of practice!

It's been so long since my last posting that I totally forgot to blog last night after my workout!  Bad Denise! Bad!

Well, better late than never.  So here's how the last few days have gone!  Friday, August 20th through Sunday the 22nd Mr. Kawaii and I spent our time camping in the great outdoors and playing a ton of paintball with friends!  If you made it out to SuperGame 40 you know what a great time we had!  Yellow Army pulled out another win... but barely.  Red sure gave us a run for our money!  All told, Mr. Kawaii and I shot 7,000 rounds over the course of the weekend and got marked in return a few dozen times.  It was fantastic!

Monday was a day of relative rest and recuperation, and then Tuesday we headed out to the beach.  Burying our nephew in the sand was a great workout, as was walking around the local shops and mashing into one another in bumper cars!  We had so much fun, and were proud of ourselves for not succumbing to the taunting of junk food at every corner.  We did pick up some Salt Water Taffy to share, and I nabbed a single Elephant Ear before we left... but overall the day was a low-fat, high-activity day.

Wednesday we spent some more time outside climbing ladders and picking blackberries (those bushes in the back yard are good for something!) but otherwise took another day off to relax and revamp.

Then yesterday, M and I focused on day 29 of our 30 day workout program!  For our upper body we once again turned to the Real Housewives workout on and then headed out to the track for a leisurely 2 mile walk with K.

And now it's today! Day 30!  I will blog again this afternoon once we've made it through the final workout on the 10 Pound Slimdown calendar... and I think we'll weigh in today too to see how we've done.  Fingers crossed!

Salt Water Taffy Oregon Mix Huckleberry Salt Water Taffy

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