Saturday, August 14

Shakin' it LIke a Polaroid Picture

I've gotten my steam back for this 30 day fitness challenge, and todays goals were 20 minutes of core and 20 minutes of lower body.  The heat the last couple of days has been insane, and even with air conditioning I've been sweating out my days so M and I waited until just before bed to do the workouts so that we'd be less likely to overheat.

We turned to Cindy Whitmarsh's Incredible Abs for our core workout, and there is absolutely no way that anyone doing this workout regularly would not have an incredible waistline.  It was a difficult feat, and Cindy kept us rolling all over the living room floor moving from laying on the back doing a variety of modified crunches to getting on all fours for planks, stretches and some kooky moves I've never done before.

Once we caught our breath, M surprised me yet again by asking if we could re-visit Kendal Hogan's Cardio Challenge.  I was up for the challenge (at least I thought I was!) and before long we were marching, grape-vining and leg-lifting.  It became apparent around minute 13 that we were both a little more tired than we thought we were though and our aerobic dance-moves got sloppier and sloppier as we went along - but we kept at it anyway!!  Amazingly, we made it to the end of the workout intact with just enough energy left to get cleaned up and go to bed... and blog of course!

By the way, Mr. Kawaii says my new shoulders are awesome ;)

Crunch: Total Resculpt Dvd Incredible Abs Series

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