Friday, August 13

You Are A Knockout!

... and on with the 10 Pound Slimdown 30 day workout.

But first, a note from our sponsor:
Today I am one cranky, tired, T.O.'ed daughter of Eve.  I've taken more anti-Witch medicine today than should be allowed by law, and due to my poor attitude it took M almost the entire day to get me to work out with her.  She knows how to push my buttons though, and so we completed day 17 of the workout program on schedule and without any glaring incidents. (And although it may not seem like it, I am grateful that she made me do it.)

Back to our regularly scheduled blog:
So today was another full body workout, and M surprised me in a big way by suggesting we give kickboxing another shot.  We tuned into Total Knockout Body with Natalie Yco and really threw the kickboxing bug into gear.

Natalie's workout is a bit more technical and advanced than the kicboxing workout we did on Wednesday, and it took both M and I a while to get into the groove and follow along.  Natalie doesn't do a great job explaining the moves and doing enough slow practice rep's to get the hang of them before she starts moving full-tilt-boogie and so I'd say that you probably should skip over this workout and find another kickboxing video to follow if you're new.  M really struggled to pull the combinations together, and I was only able to keep up with Natalie because I've practiced kickboxing in the past.

The 20 minutes did fly past, even though the exercise was a bit confusing.  I paused the workout early on to help M with the basic punches, and I'm glad that I did so that she was able to keep moving throughout the workout even if it wasn't in perfect time with Natalie.

Overall, it was great to get up off the couch after hours of playing video games (I'm suddenly in-demand on the video game review front... not a bad problem to have) and get the blood flowing.  It's also great to remember that even when I'm not feeling totally up to snuff, I can still get up and move.

Thanks M!

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