Sunday, August 15

Yoga Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Ah, back to Yoga - my 3,287th love.  Actually, I don't really know where it falls into the mix of things I thoroughly enjoy... but it's somewhere in the top 5,000.  Probably near Bookkeeping and tracking my online writing's page views.  Yes, I am aware that I am a total nerd.

Heading back to something familiar is nice when you're looking to workout but not necessarily wanting to think, so today M and I went back to Denise Austin's Fat Blasting Yoga for the 30 minute segment on the DVD.  Because I've worked out with this same DVD off and on for several years, I can practically recite Denise's every comment word for word as the exercises progress.  For me, it is like a relaxing mantra.  Something I can recite and repeat while clearing my mind of all the worries and neurosis of the day.

It appears that for other people in the room it is possibly not as soothing and relaxing though.  It may, in fact, be awesomely annoying.  Oh well, I don't mind.

At the end of the exercise, M told me something that she has mentioned before when we've done this and other Yoga exercises.  "I feel like that was as much work as when we've done any other exercise!"  It is humorous to me that when people think of Yoga they often equate it with stretching out on the couch after a long day at the office.  But as M has discovered, it can get your heart going and your muscles burning just as much as any cardio or aerobic exercise might.

I've said it before, and I'll probably say it again.  If you've been snubbing Yoga in favor of "real" exercise, take an hour and give it a shot sometime.  You and your body will be pleasantly surprised at how you feel afterwards.

Fat-Blasting Yoga

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