Thursday, August 19

Wax On... Wax Off... You Are Learning Quickly, Grasshopper

This morning at the buttcrack of dawn I headed outside to practice a little "Karate-Kid" on the car (the original one... long before the Smith's involvement) with some turtle wax and a couple of rags.  It was amazing being outside in the quiet before the neighbors were out in full force, and T-Rex (my car) loved it too!

Once the car was waxed and sparkle-y  I headed indoors with M for some Lower Body workout.  We amped it up with Kendall Hogan again this morning (see my previous posts for his workouts) and by the end of 20 minutes we were both sweaty and ready to get going on our day.

And with that I am off, not to return for a few days. I am going to be heading out to Supergame XL in St. Paul, Oregon for three days of paintball and camping (sans wi-fi, so no blog).  When I return next week I'll let you know how it went, and what a workout I get while running through the brush and squatting behind bunkers!  Meet me there any of the three days and say hello!

Supergame Info Here!

Turtle Wax T-375KTR Red Color Magic - 16 oz. The Karate Kid (Special Edition)

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