Saturday, September 11

Never Stop

Before I go on about my exercise routine, first I would like to say that today is a sad day for America and I appreciate the sacrifices that so many have made in response to the 9/11 attacks.  Lost but not forgotten, I hope that time continues to bring peace to the hearts of those who lost loved ones.


Today was a beautiful day outside, and I met K this morning for a couple of miles around the track.  At some point at Dragon*Con (I was too delirious then for me to remember what day it was now) I tweaked my knee walking around downtown Atlanta.  After an afternoon of bandaged support and a night of rest, I thought the pain had gone away and that the pain was more a symptom of exhaustion than an actual injury.  Until today, anyway.  The knee started acting up this morning, and so although K and I made good time on our first two miles (just under 45 minutes) I wasn't able to continue on.

I did come home and do some of the ab exercises that I learned last month during the 10 Pound Slimdown Challenge, and I'm pleased to say that my abs ache as if the ExerciseTV minions attacked my midsection.  I'm hoping that keeping a focus on the abs will help to tone it up and make zipping up my "almost fit" jeans a little bit easier!

On the writing & exercising fronts, I have been given the opportunity to join Curves for a week to write a review on their gym, and so sometime next week I am going to get that started.  I'm looking forward to trying something new, and seeing how it adds to the workouts that I've done thus far.  Every time I try something new, I learn a little bit more about myself and my capabilities and I can't wait for this opportunity to keep growing mentally and shrinking physically!

I hope that you all have a peaceful day and as you reflect on your perhaps not-all-perfect physique, please do take a moment to remember that our battle with the scale is small (fat-free) potatoes compared to what is going on in much of the world today.  We are blessed to have the luxury of worrying about our waistlines instead of wondering how and when our next meal will come and all things considered, it isn't the worst problem for any of us to have.

Flag - 9/11 Cover Sports Illustrated Magazine September 24, 2001

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