Thursday, November 4

It's Summer in November!

How strange is it to have such beautiful weather in November?  Just last week it was freezing and wet, and suddenly it's warm enough that I'm considering turning on my air conditioning.  It's beautiful, and I'm not complaining... even though all my neighbors are out working in their yards cleaning up leaves and I am guiltily hiding out in my home office.

I did make it outside to enjoy the beautiful weather though when I walked to the gym and back earlier this afternoon.  The warm sun feels amazing, and so I left the car in the driveway for another day.  I hit up Anytime Fitness for another free day of sweat and progress, and tried out a couple of machines that I'd never tried before (both for the abs, and both suuuper effective within 10 reps).  I also spied a new addition to the gym that tickles my fancy; a rowing machine that is just begging to be given a try.  I woke up with a pain in my shoulder this morning, so I'm going to have to put off the rowing machine until tomorrow, but you can bet I'm going to give it a shot before my free 7-day Anytime Fitness pass is up.

One thing I noticed when I was trying the ab equipment is that my ab muscles have slowly been digging their way to the surface!  I knew they were down there somewhere, but I haven't been able to feel them in a very long time.  Today, mid-sit-up, I noticed my stomach tightening and contracting in all the same places as those "fit" people at the gym and it caught me very off guard.  Could it be that I am becoming one of those people again?

Who knows... maybe next year I'll be bikini ready by the time the kiddie pools are out...

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