Friday, August 5

April to August - Where Does Time Go?

I can't believe it has been 4 months since I last updated this blog!  This summer has been a busy one; filled with paintball, camping, expanding businesses, the upcoming publishing of my first novel (information here), remodeling at home and at the in-laws... lots and lots of activity!

I have been having such a great time away from my desk that I have completely forgotten to do regular updates here, and that is something I really need to get better at doing.  How else will you know that I am in the beginning stages of pulling together a 3-woman paintball team (a sub-team of Gearheadz Family Assassins), or that I'm debating whether or not to once again hit the pavement for the Great Columbia Crossing?

I will try to keep in better touch with this blog and keep you all updated.  Viva la small bottoms!

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